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The Newcomer Club of the Foothills is for (new) residents of Clemson, Central, Fair Play, Liberty, Mountain Rest, Pendleton, Salem, Seneca, Six Mile, Walhalla, Westminster and West Union, South Carolina so that they can find news and information or discuss issues about the community, meet people, make new friends, learn about the area, and get involved in the community. Some of our members are "new"ly retired but have been living in the area for some time - that's fine too!

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Membership is open to all persons living in the area who wish to participate in any of the groups and events that the Newcomer Club offers. $40/person is all you pay for a 3-year membership. In addition to participation in all Club activities, you receive a magnetic name tag, newsletters, and access to the membership directory and website, which are only available to members.

Activities are the heart of our Newcomer Club. Sign up to join in the fun. Meet representatives of various community organizations. Learn about plays, exhibits, clubs, and community service organizations. Find a new outlet to volunteer with and give back to our community. Attend some Clemson sporting events with other members. Participate in three annual, club-wide events. But most of all...Have fun exploring the new place you call "home".

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Presidents’ Message
March 2019
Ken and Becky Minton
Co-Presidents 2018-2019

The signs of Spring are popping up all around us. Crocus and daffodil leaves have quietly pushed their way through the hard winter soil. Red, purple and white flowers have begun to unfold on the ends of our trees to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun. Bluebirds and Cardinals frequent our feeders to feast on the abundance of seed prepared for their enjoyment. The water temperature of the Lake is slowly beginning to rise. And soon, our favorite – pollen – will make its presence known to us all. Spring – the season of new life – the season of freshness and new beginning has come.

This season of newness is also soon to affect our Newcomer Board. Many of our Board members are coming to the end of their three-year Club membership and must rotate off. Thus, it is time for fresh faces. It is time for new workers. It is time for new ideas. It is time for new people – people just like YOU to rise up and take their place in the leadership of our amazing Club. For over 45 years, people have taken a stand to make the Newcomer Club a powerful ally in helping people to become familiar with all that the Upstate has to offer. For 45 years, people just like YOU – just like all of us on the current Board – have volunteered to make the Club so meaningful to so many. Where we must now step aside, you are being invited to step up to share in the Club’s leadership for the coming year. At the time of this writing, there are several positions on the Board which still need to be filled for the 2019-2020 season. They include:

Vice-Presidents for Programs and Community Groups
⦁ Responsible for selecting our monthly Speakers/Presenters and working with representatives from the many community groups and agencies who attend our monthly meetings. These persons will also continue to serve as the Presidents for the following season.

Vice-President for Membership
⦁ Responsible for registering new Club members and ordering name tags.

Special Interest Group Coordinator(s)
⦁ Responsible for contacting and coordinating with the leaders of our 25+ Interest Groups.

Hospitality Coordinators
⦁ Responsible for preparing the beverages we enjoy at our monthly meetings and for making arrangements at local restaurants for us to visit following the meeting.

Database Manager
⦁ Responsible for making sure that each new member’s information is recorded in the official Club database and working with the Web Page Manager to ensure new member’s web access.

Newsletter Editor
⦁ Responsible for gathering information, editing and emailing the Club’s monthly Newsletter to our members.

Please consider volunteering to serve in one of these positions for the 2019-2020 season. Feel free to email me, or our Co-Vice Presidents Mike and Mickey Bladel, if you have any questions about a certain position or if you have made the commitment to take on a certain responsibility. We need folks just like you. Thank you!

April 26, 2019
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