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 March 28, 2020
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Special President’s Message – March 16, 2020
General Membership Meeting on April 7th is Cancelled

All Small Group/Social Activity Groups Encouraged to Cancel or Postpone

Efforts to mitigate the impact and transmission of the COVID-19, Coronavirus is everyone’s responsibility. As such, Newcomers, following the Center for Disease Control’s ( mitigation recommendations for COVID-19, is cancelling April’s General Meeting. Newcomer’s Club also encourages all of our small group/Social Activity Groups to consider cancelling or postponing their activities through the month of April.

At this time, the last general meeting for May 5 th , that falls a few days short of CDC’s recommended 8 week ‘social distancing pause’, and the scheduled ‘Parrot heads in Paradise Party’, scheduled for Friday, May 8 th , at Keowee Key’s Club, on the patio, have not been cancelled. If, the CDC, SCDHEC, Federal, State, or Local government continues to recommend ‘social distancing of groups larger than 50’, then these events may possibly need to be cancelled. We’ll know more once we get closer to these two event dates. I would like to note that there is no risk in registering for the ‘Paradise Party’. All registration fees for this party will be fully refunded in the event it does have to be cancelled.

In closing, please take proper and reasonable precautions.  Guidance for individuals and groups, on how to respond and mitigate your exposure to this new Coronavirus, can be found at: and Lets all do our part to reduce the impact of this global challenge.

Thank you for your continued participation in Newcomers.

Stay informed and stay well,

                      Mike and Mickey Bladel, Co-Presidents

CLEMSON SPORTS - Information about sports tour will be updated when information is available.
Information about voting for the by-law changes and the new board members will be updated based on whether the May meeting will be held.

Anyone who has ever moved to a new place, often without knowing anyone, has had that same overwhelmed feeling - trying to make friends and become an integral part of the community.  If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re new to the area, or looking to REnew your interest in the area, Newcomer Club will help you forge new friendships and put down roots in the community.

Our 400+ members live mostly in Oconee, Pickens, and Anderson counties of South Carolina.  We welcome anyone living in the area who wishes to participate in the groups and events that the Newcomer Club offers. $40/person is all you pay for a 3-year membership. See More Information About Newcomer Club Benefits

Activities are the heart of our Newcomer Club. Sign up to join in the fun. Meet representatives of various community organizations. Learn about plays, exhibits, clubs, and community service organizations. Find a new outlet for volunteering and giving back to our community. Attend some Clemson sporting events with other members. Participate in three annual, club-wide events. But most of all...Have fun exploring the new place you call "home."  

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